Jared Andrew Kindred

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Shelbyville High School

Shelbyville High School

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Indiana Business Education Association

Indiana Business Education Association

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Background Info

I am always looking to advance myself in the realm of technology and computers by reading and watching any content that I can get my hands on. I have adequate experience in HTML5 and CSS3 and also computer optimization skill set. Currently working on learning other technology languages.


+ 1st place in BPA district web design - 2012

+ 4th place in BPA state web design - 2012

+ Won IBEA's website design contest - 2012

Volunteer Work

+ 150+ hours working on high school website - 2011-2012

+ 200+ hours community service via Boy Scouts of America

Interests and Activities

I spend the majority of my time on the computer or online learning how things work or how to do different tasks. I enjoy working on computers and designing websites.

Past Experience

+ High School Tv Crew Graphics & Visual Director - 2011-2012

+ Designed Shelbyville Senior High School's Website - 2011-2012

+ Designed Indiana Business Education Association's Website - 2012

+ Comprehensive Computer Tech for Flat Rock Furniture in Waldron, Indiana 2010-2012


HTML5 & CSS3 Logos My Portrait Photograph

+ Web Design
+ Data Recovery
+ Photograph Restoration
+ Basic Video & Photo Editing
+ Custom Wordpress Theme & Template Designs

Everything that I code is hand coded and done so using the newest HTML5 & CSS3 web standards.

I test & retest websites that I code for loading performance. Every website's content is processed for optimization to ensure each page loads as fast and accurately as possible.

Websites look and function excellently across multiple devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Everything I code is built to be as responsive as possible.

Responsive Design Example Responsive Design Example - small