Jared Andrew Kindred

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Shelbyville High School

Shelbyville High School

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Indiana Business Education Association

Indiana Business Education Association

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Background Info

I am always looking to advance myself in the realm of technology and computers by reading and watching any content that I can get my hands on. I have adequate experience in HTML5 and CSS3 and also computer optimization skill set. Currently working on learning other technology languages.


+ 1st place in BPA district web design - 2012

+ 4th place in BPA state web design - 2012

+ Won IBEA's website design contest - 2012

Volunteer Work

+ 150+ hours working on high school website - 2011-2012

+ 200+ hours community service via Boy Scouts of America

Interests and Activities

I spend the majority of my time on the computer or online learning how things work or how to do different tasks. I enjoy working on computers and designing websites.

Past Experience

+ High School Tv Crew Graphics & Visual Director - 2011-2012

+ Designed Shelbyville Senior High School's Website - 2011-2012

+ Designed Indiana Business Education Association's Website - 2012

+ Comprehensive Computer Tech for Flat Rock Furniture in Waldron, Indiana 2010-2012


HTML5 & CSS3 Logos My Portrait Photograph

+ Web Design
+ Data Recovery
+ Photograph Restoration
+ Basic Video & Photo Editing
+ Custom Wordpress Theme & Template Designs

Everything that I code is hand coded and done so using the newest HTML5 & CSS3 web standards.

I test & retest websites that I code for loading performance. Every website's content is processed for optimization to insure each page loads as fast and accurately as possible.

Media Queries are used to ensure each website looks excellent across all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.

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